Selasa, 11 Agustus 2015

Painting Laminate Cabinets Step by Step Instruction

Painting laminate cabinets is needed when you want to redecorate your room. Moreover when you only have small budget then repainting your laminate cabinets can be the solution for your budget problem. Especially since purchasing new cabinets can be a lot expensive and when your cabinet is still in good condition why do not you just paint it and makes it looked like new once again. Then you can transform it with any kinds of color that you want which suitable with your new room theme that you try to create. Here are a few things that you can do so you can repaint your own laminate cabinets.

Easy Way to Repaint Your Old Laminate Cabinets

Before you can do anything of course you need to take your cabinet out from your room, as preparation you need to take out everything you store inside the cabinet and place them somewhere else temporarily. Try to painting laminate cabinets in an area with good ventilation, and it is better when you do it outdoor since the paint can be dangerous for your lungs. Do not forget to protect your floor from any paint by putting several old newspapers on the floor to cover it. Then you can put the cabinets on top of the newspaper.

Next is to prepare the cabinet surface so it will be ready for repainting. You can now take a screwdriver so you can remove the doors out from your cabinets. If there are drawers inside your cabinet, you also need to remove the drawer aside. You need to take and remove all hardware before you can start to painting laminate cabinets. Then you need to make sure that there is no dirt on any of the cabinet surface so clean it thoroughly including the base and the drawers to the door you had remove earlier.

Process on Repaint of Laminate Cabinet to New Color

Now you need to sand using 100 grit papers on the drawers, doors, and base surface of the cabinet. Then clean the dirt with cloth that is lint free. Now you can start to paint on the first primer paint on the base, doors, as well as drawer but only on the front part of the drawer. You can also add another coat if the coverage is not enough with the first coat before painting laminate cabinets.

Now you can really start to paint the cabinet with any color of latex paint that you want. Apply the paint as the first coat above your primer paint and make sure that the color is even on all surface then let them be for about 24 hours so it will completely dry. Afterwards you can paint another coat of latex paint to the surface to make the paint better, and then wait another 24 hours. Last you need to apply clear sealer as protection to your cabinet painting which you can spray to all surface of your cabinet, wait 24 hours to dry. Replace all things that you have removed before and put back the drawer. Now you have complete painting laminate cabinets.