Senin, 04 Mei 2015

Painting Kitchen Cabinets with New Coat Ideas

Painting kitchen cabinets are a perfect job when you think that your old cabinets appear dull because they are covered with dirt or grease from everyday use. Fresh coat can makes the cabinets appear new and it is the cheap way to improve the cabinet surface. Moreover, if you are looking for easy Do-It-Yourself project in the end of weekend then you may want to try to paint your own old kitchen cabinets. However, there are things that you need to take consideration when paint the cabinets, whether it is about the right way to do it, the seal, or the coat stuff.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with White or Black Color?

Maybe you want to apply new coat on kitchen cabinets with white or black color then you should know that painting kitchen cabinets white or black can make the appearance better due to the simple, modern, and sophisticated look. First thing first, you need to empty the cabinets before paint the surface only if you want to paint not only outside surface, but also the inside. Not need to mention, you also need to store the items in another room while waiting the new paint to dry at least 2 days.

You need to remove all cabinet drawers, doors, and hardware before painting kitchen cabinets because you need to have clear surface. This means you should remove hinges, knobs, and handles, to easier your work when it’s done then you can keep the hardware inside labeled plastic bags. In addition, if you have large kitchen with good ventilation then you can work inside it, otherwise you need to work outside or in garage if it is convenient. Third, clean the surface with multi-purpose cleaner and sponge, you can use warm water mixed with ammonia to clean it before move to the next painting kitchen cabinets steps.

After you clean the surface then sand down all the surfaces which you want to paint. Do not forget to wipe down the dust because any residue can prevent the new paint to stick perfectly into the cabinets. Prepare the new paint either is white or black color or in fact, any colors that you choose for the kitchen cabinets. Take your mini roller to give the first coat on the inside of the cabinets while probably you can use paint sprayer or paint brush when painting kitchen cabinets doors later.

When the first coat is completely dry, apply the second layer and you can give third coat if you think the original color of the cabinets is too dark or too light for white or black color to stick. Reinstall the doors, drawers, and any other hardware after the paint dry. During this moment, you can install new hardware if you want to. Last but not least, actually it is an optional, but to protect the new paint peel or stained then you can seal the cabinets with polyurethane. This will make you easy to wipe away any food spills without scrubbing. That’s painting kitchen cabinets the right way for you!